The Most Important Factor Is Salt, and How It Is Delivered

While plain salt is the sole ingredient in halotherapy, how finely and consistently it is ground and how efficiently it is delivered into salt rooms determines halotherapy’s effectiveness. A halogenerator must faithfully replicate the therapeutic environment of a natural salt cave by micronizing salt in a manner that consistently yields particles small enough to penetrate the lungs and sinuses.

The halogenerator also must produce dry salt aerosol (fine solid salt particles microscopically dispersed throughout air) at specific concentration levels. Concentrations vary in different salt mines, ranging from an average of 1 to 12 mg/m3 in some salt mines to 24 mg/m3 in others. Natural salt caves that yield a significant quantity of respirable (breathable) particles sized from 1 to 5 mkm are the most therapeutic.

Contributing to the beneficial environment of natural salt caves are constant air temperature and pressure, as is its slightly higher level of carbon dioxide than air above ground. And, of course, salt cave air is free of bacteria and allergens.