How a halogenerator works

A halogenerator produces a dry salt aerosol and delivers it to the salt room. The halogenerator is mounted on a wall in an adjacent room or hallway or, with some models, in the salt room itself. The uniform distribution of aerosol is achieved by properly designed airflows in the salt room. 

In Controlled Halotherapy, made possible by sensoring system, the sensor continuously measures the dry salt salt aerosol (DSA) concentration in the salt room during sessions. The sensor sends data to the halogenerator, which reads the sensor's data and adjusts output accordingly, to provide safe and effective treatment. 

1. U.S. pharmaceutical grade salt is loaded into the grinder

2. The grinder micronizes the salt

3. The impactor separates particles based on size

4. A fan in the halogenerator turns on

5. The micronized salt particles mix with the rapidly moving air inside the halogenerator

6.The fan disperses the dry salt aerosol into the salt room