Health care facilities, spas and wellness centers responding quickly to the growing demand for halotherapy.

From Asia to Europe to the Americas, salt rooms are opening to serve customers who are seeking natural, effective approaches to improving their health, relieving stress and increasing their sense of wellness.

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Halotherapy emerging as a growing trend in the health, spa and wellness industries.

Today’s professionals and patients want more choices in health and wellness care, and increasingly, people are looking for natural approaches to feeling and living better. Word is spreading on Halotherapy’s effective and unique benefits for a range of conditions, and quickly gaining popularity outside of the traditional “halotherapy belt” in Eastern Europe, where the treatment was pioneered and is a recognized and respected treatment.

For facilities that already provide massage, yoga and meditation, Halotherapy provides a natural opportunity for growth. Spa owners can deliver Halotherapy as a stand-alone service or combine it with massage, yoga and meditation. In addition, Halotherapy services for children are in such demand that many salt room owners have dedicated children’s salt rooms . 

Yet, with Halotherapy’s growing popularity, there are also misunderstandings and misinformation about this type of service. Some spas claims to provide salt therapy, but the reality of what they offer is far from the truth. With this website, Aeromed-Halomed, the world leader in research and development of Halotherapy, aims to clarify what Halotherapy is, and how this safe and natural method boosts health and wellness. 

We welcome you to this special learning center, a place to gain knowledge and to meet peers and other professionals interested in Halotherapy and its applications.

Salt therapy (halotherapy) for immunity improvement and respiratory health support

Halotherapy, also known as dry salt inhalation therapy, is well documented for its ability to strengthen immunity of the respiratory system.The use of dry salt aerosol has long been proven in the treatment and relief of symptoms of respiratory viral infections; ear, nose and throat ailments; and upper and lower respiratory tract problems.

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